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tuesday. bret: ok. we will follow that one. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. ousted honduran president zell zelaya is meeting with hillary clinton so soon. he ended up in el salvador after his plane was prevented from landing in his homeland. military vehicles lined the runway along with pro zelaya protesters. the united nations security council is meeting right now to discuss north korea's latest missile test. the regime fired 7 ballistic missiles saturday. they landed in the sea of japan. the security council expanded previous sanctions against north korea last month. the are russian connection to a company to u.s. senators want to spend your money, and pictures that have left the brittish intelligence agencyta shaken and stirred. right now, all over the country, discover card customers are getting 5% cashback bonus at the pump. now more than ever, it pays to discover.
terrorist techniques abroad and coming back home. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the latest. >> terror training cells on american soil. the subject getting national attention after the arrest of seven men in north carolina. investigators say the men were terror training on american soil. while plotting attacks overseas. >> new information coming out that alleged ringleader daniel boyd and his son were denied entry into israel back in 2007. and may have been detained for awhile. federal agents claim boyd was trying to execute and attack in the jewish state during his visit. including north carolina, there have been three different cases of home grown terror arrests in the last few weeks alone. a long island man pled guilty to training in pakistan to blow up subways in europe. in minnesota another man pled guilty to being a part of american born somalis planning to carry out jihad in somalia. >> arrests have been made in places like minneapolis and north carolina. so, i think, better education about the breath of the threat and how it could be carried out is important. but eve
. >> and that will do it for us, america's news headquarters with jennifer griffin live from washington starts for you right now. keep it on fox, the most powerful name in news, have a great day. >> take care. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >>> this is a fox news alert. five suspects under arrest in mexico, believed to be involved in the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent. the first such shooting in more than ten years. four were rounded up yesterday, the men are believed to be part of an immigrant smuggling ring and more arrests may be coming as authorities in both countries continue to investigate. >>> i'm jennifer griffin live in washington for the next two hours. we have the latest on the border shooting in just a moment but we begin with the story that continues to drive headlines here in the nation's capital and on all of the sunday talk shows, healthcare reform. caroline shively is standing by with the latest on the debate. hi, caroline. >> hi to you, jennifer. >> the chairman of the senate budget committee says this week that democrats don't have the numbers to pass healthcar
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. national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us what all the fuss was about. >> three months, 40 freedom of information requests and countless legal hours and this is what the white house and the air force apparently didn't want the public to see, pictures of the president's plane on a purported training mission, to update file photos of air force i, circli
soldiers to help clear the taliban. jennifer griffin is live tonight at the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> hi, bret. bret: what can you tell us about the brigadier general's request? >> in essence, he would not say he needed more u.s. troops but he danced around it a little bit. he said he would like more u.s. troops, but remember, national security advisor jim jones was just out in afghanistan. he raised eyebrows among commanders when he told them that they shouldn't be asking for any more u.s. troops, but what the brigadier general who is heading that operation in helmand province with the 4,000 marines says he does need is more afghan troops. he has only 650 afghan troops right now, and that is not enough. that is the achilles heel of this operation, because the marines can clear an area, but if they can't hold it and pass it off to the afghans, then this effort is a vain effort. bret: what are commanders saying about the biggest threats the marines are facing as they fan out across the helmand province? >> the biggest threat is not the taliban. they have been pushed out o
the latest defense bill. it's also making for some very strange bed fellows. jennifer griffin works the pentagon for us. she is there tonight. jennifer, former rival senator john mccain and president obama on the same side on this one. >> not only that president bush also agrees with president obama they agreed that the f-22 line should be closed and that the number of planes bought capped at 187. in fact, senator mccain pointed out that this plane, the f-22 has neither flown in afghanistan or iraq and for every hour that it's flown in the air it requires 30 hours of maintenance. president obama says that he will veto the defense spending bill if they send a request for more of these f-22 planes, shep. help shep why are so many senators willing to go to bat for this thing. >> lockheed martin the defense contractor that makes the f-22 is very smart. they put their production facilities in 40 different states. they figured that this was a program that would be too big to fail because each congressional district that stood to lose jobs would basically go to bat for them on the hill it
advanced warplanes. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story of the dogfight over the f-22. >> it's not every day that a president threatened to veto his own defense spending bill, and that the chairman of the senate armed services committee as well as the president's republican rival, a war hero himself, argues the same. >> a veto is very likely if the congress does not act to end production of the f-22 line. i would strongly recommend that the president of the united states go ahead and veto this bill if the f-22 is included. >> at issue is the 11th-hour addition by the senate armed services committee of $1.75 billion to by seven f-22 fighter jets whose price tag has ballooned to $350 million an aircraft. the fifth generation fighter jet has been overtaken by the newer f-35, critics argue, and president obama in keeping with the recommendation of president bush wants to cap the purchase at 187 jets, but republican senator chambliss of georgia, whose state would lose at least 3 2,000 jobs if the line is closed pushes for the planes to be built, quote, while the ad
in jerusalem and both men let it be known that their patience with iran is running out. jennifer griffin reports that gates is trying to keep a tense situation from escalating. >> en route to jordan from israel, defense secretary robert gates promised punishing sanctions should iran not halt its march toward a nuclear weapon, but were the israelis swayed by u.s. promises to defend israel, which the pentagon fears may employ a preemptive military strike against iran's nuclear program. >> we clearly believe that no option should be removed from the table. this is our policy. we mead it. rewant others to take the same position, but we cannot dictate it to anyone. >> after meeting israel's defense minister, secretary gates said president obama expects to know whether the iranians want to negotiate an end to their nuclear program by the end of september, by the time the u.n. general assembly convenes. >> the p president has been quite clear that this is not an open ended offer to engage. we're very mindful of the possibility that the iranians would simply try to run out the clock. >> gates' v
training in the u.s., and being exported abroad. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. bret: the woman who basically started the cam cambridge, massachusetts police controversy with a phone call breaks her silence, and are these ma jess stick animals worth $700 million of your money? bep secretary of state hillary clinton has said running for political office is no longer on her radar, but the new york daily news has reported that clinton has turned her campaign debt into a surplus of $3 million. records show clinton's campaign has eight people on staff and is still accepting contributions. one of those workers says the operation is just there to wiens down the business of her campaign. speaking of money, there is plenty of yours going to people who want to make their homes more energy efficient, but is there enough oversight to ward off abuse? we report. you decide. here is correspondent jamie colby. >> for what nita, having her home weatherized is a godsend. >> it will really help. >> federal weatherization assistance program meant a liner and weather strip, and the money
security correspondent jennifer griffin explains. >> best known as the high schooler in "remember the titans" they spawned homegrown terror suspect dan kwell boyd, now 39, one of eight alleged conspirators who trained on u.s. soil to carry out jihad abroad. he is the ninth american citizen indicted in recent weeks on charges of domestic plots involving foreign targets ax long island man has pled guilty to training in pakistan to blow up subways in europe. on tuesday in minnesota, another pled guilty to supporting terrorists following a trip to somolia with a u.s. born citizen, the american who makes rap videos about jihad and shown training other american to fight. recently several u.s. citizens were killed in somalia, part of a group from minnesota that the f.b.i. says were recruited on u.s. soil to fight for an al qaeda affiliate. boyd is alleged to have been training with his co-conspirators to shoot guns in the north carolina countryside, charges his family deny. at age 19, boyd left home in virginia to fight with the mujahideen against the soviets in afghanistan. he trained i
jennifer griffin has details from the pentagon. >> the f-22 is known for its dogfighting capability, but it lost a key battle in the senate today where lawmakers voted 58-40 to strip from the defense authorization bill nearly $2 billion to build state-of-the-art stealth fighters n a rare am alignment, president mccain took president obama's side an teamed up with democratic senator carl levin to introduce the amendment that halted funding of 7 additional f-220's that the pentagon says it doesn't need. >> it really boils down to whether we're going to continue the business as usual of once a weapons system gets into full p production it never dies, or whether we're going to take the necessary steps to really e form the acquisition process. >> critics say the planes are roop overpriced, between -- are overpriced, between $130 million and $150 million a piece and the money would be better spent on the f-35, a fighter plane that could be used by all the armed services but democratic and republican lawmakers from the 44 states where lockheed martin and boeing make parts for the f-22 argu
core spobdz ent -- correspondent jennifer griffin has an update from the pentagon. >> panetta went to brief congress when the agency requested that this proposal enter a new phase. one u.s. official told me, quote, this wasn't a program that had taken shape, and the focus was on those programs that were actually being implemented when a c.i.a. unit brought the program to panetta's attention, it came with a recommendation to brief congress, since there was thought being given to moving toward a more operational status -- that is, some training." now, hit teams would have complemented an already successful program using predator drones, killing targets without putting intelligence officers in harm's way. democrats isn't decided whether to seek a broader investigation, and the attorney general explained why panetta didn't brief congress on a non-program. >> one of the things we want to do in the obama administration is to make sure that all the things that we are doing with regard to the things that we're talk talking about today but also on the terrorist front are always briefed to o
. martha: we are all over the news room. jennifer griffin is walking -- watching a story about the defense bill. what is that about? >> the house defense spending bill has $6.9 billion of planes, helicopters, and weapons systems the pentagon said that it never requested and does not want. the president is threatening to veto the bill if those unwanted systems are not stripped out. among those is a marine helicopter that would cost $500 million. martha: let's go to molly henneberg who is covering the department of transportation. they use all of our tax dollars to fix bridges and all of the infrastructure. what are you finding out? >> $2 billion for bike paths and pedestrian walkways. even $28 million for transportation museums. two republican senators say that is not the way the highway trust fund should be spent, especially in an economic downturn. the department of transportation spent a total of $78 billion from that fund over five years. senators say that it is time to prioritize where the money goes. martha: let's go to the white house where mike emanuel is standing by. what is going
in afghanistan. if jennifer griffin is here with the details. first, let's -- benefit -- jennifer griffin is here with details. what has he asked for? >> i am hearing reports it could be as high as four to six brigades, about 20,000 troops. that would be on the high side. a couple more will take place between what the commander's request and what sense, wants to approved. and what the pentagon wants to do. the review will be given to secretary gates august 14. these are some similar words to what we heard at the beginning of the surge into iraq. a change in operational culture, basically with the troops moving out to live among the afghans, to protect the population, and they will move out of the valleys and protect population centers. they are going to need a large force to do that. they have been able to clear areas in the past, but they have been able to hold them, and there are enough afghan groups. he will recommend training not the soldiers we saw, but training almost 240,000, and the reason he needs troops is you will need trainers to make the army larger. he only had 500 afghan soldiers t
worried about trends involving similar groups of american extremists. jennifer griffin is working this for us from the pentagon tonight. she is in the cube. jennifer, the homeland security chief janet napolitano has some very strong recommendations on how to prevent these home-grown attacks. >> that's right. in fact, she is enlisting the public saying the public needs to help out. she was visiting ground zero today in new york. here's what she said in new york today. >> for too long, we have treated the public as a liability to be protected rather than an asset in our nation's collective security. >> she argued for a state of preparedness, not a state of gear. shepard: new details about the suspects from north carolina write including the one who is still missing. >> i'm not hearing you. shepard: it was my understanding there were new details about the terror suspect -- it looks like we have lost our connection with jennifer griffin. >> i have it now. sorry. shepard: i will try one more time. it's my understanding at least that we have new details about the terror suspects from no
a secret initiative about the war on terror. jen jennifer griffin reports that democrats are still pressing for answers. >> house democrats are laying the groundwork for further inquiry about why the c.i.a. did not brief congress on a proposal to execute top al qaeda leaders, a plan that the c.i.a. says never became operational. the head of the house intelligence committee has asked the c.i.a. to provide documents about the now cancelled proposal. democrat hastings, who is on the committee -- >> president bush needs to step forward and say what he knew and when he knew it. did he know that the vice president directed us not to be informed? >> senator dieian feinstein heads the senate intelligence committee. >> the thing that i think is out there that is of deep concern to us is the fact that the committee should have been notified when the program -- before it commenced, and then we could have watched the program. >> michael hayden, the former head of the c.i.a., told n.p.r. yesterday that former vice president dick cheney never told him not to brief congress about the fledgling proposal, d
. jennifer griffin is tracking new developments at the pentagon tonight. any idea how many troops and when they might go? >> no. i'm told that general mcchrystal has not yet fully decided how many troops he will request. but one source inside the pentagon tells me that it could be several brigades. another u.s. -- senior u.s. defense official said the 28,000 troops that were sent to afghanistan earlier this year were described as a down payment on the president's new afghan strategy. shepard: but he does not plan now to make that request unless he delivers at the same time as he delivers the upcoming review of the situation there, right? >> that's right. in fact, you're referring to that 60-day review. i'm told that he will not make this request for more resources. that includes troops or hardware. planes as well as any sort of vehicles in this upcoming 60 day strategy review. that will be given to robert gates on august 14. but again, no requests for troops will be in that review. >> didn't the national security advisor jim jones advise against asking for more troops? >> in fact, it was a
released a statement today saying in part. shepard: jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight. there are conflicting accounts under the circumstances under which private bergdahl disappeared. what do we know. >> did his overwatch shift. he was relieved and three hours later he was found missing. he left behind his rifle and body armor. that has confused many we have spoken to in the military. did he not as many said in the video fall behind while on patrol, shep. shepard: what is the military saying today, jennifer. >> essentially, they say they're spending all their being resources to look for him 24/7. admirable gates -- defense secretary robert gates and admirable mullen were asked for their reaction when they saw the video. >> mine was disgust at the exploitation of this young man. >> they are extensive vast. they are on a 2 24/7. we are doing absolutely everything we can to get him back. >> and he would was taken, of course in that province on the border with pakistan. province called patika in afghanistan. they still think he is inside afghanistan. shep? shepard: jennife
, and jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. we are learning more about how this went down, right? >> yes. 4000 marines, including about four rifle companies were inserted into this valley. the first battalion left after that. trace: what we know about what marines are facing on the ground? >> is quiet. listen to this description. >> initially, there was almost no resistance, very light resistance. it has picked up through the day. >> do not forget, these insurgents are extremely patient. trace: this area is important because it is also home to taliban poppy fields. >> that is right. that is one of the main reasons we are going in here. they have done in a matter of hours what nato troops were not able to do for years. this area is where most of the poppy is grown. it is fuelling the insurgency. 90% of world opium products are grown in this area. now to the u.s. soldier who has been captured in afghanistan. this has nothing to do with the marine operation. it happened in a different part of the country, and the president -- pentagon says that the soldier made a crucial mistake that might
. shepard: jennifer griffin. thanks very much. live tonight at the pentagon. the united states is sending some 20,000 troops in a so-called summer surge. summer in afghanistan. imagine. for many soldiers fighting a dangerous enemy in unstable war zone is only half of the battle. tonight we begin to show you the struggles waged on the home front by service members enjoying their last moments with loved ones before they they are sent out on deployment. take sergeant first class theresa kabul here. she is a beginning gel bhom she heads to afghanistan next month as scheduled. she will be leaving her 5-year-old son behind on the home front. >> a wave from behind got you from behind. >> to me, it's a constant battle. i'm a single parent and i'm in the military. leaving your family, the deployment cycles that we are in right now, that's not an easy thing. >> she is my baby. i worry about her. >> want to come out? >> i am out. >> having a a-year-old and a great relationship, it's going to be hard on her. >> this is my third deployment. i have been to iraq twice. i will be gone for 12 months this
. trace: back to you momentarily. breaking news at the pentagon. jennifer griffin will update us on prisoner abuse. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs has written a controversial memo that we have gotten our hands on in which he asks his commanders to do more to prevent detainee abuse. he saw hundreds of photos taken between 2001 and 2006. he does not believe the photos should be released. trace: to boston now, the sauce -- the subject is funding for urban or rural hospitals. >> exactly. congressional leaders working toward an overhaul of the health-insurance system are worried that the ultimate reform efforts will put their hospitals back home at risk. federal funding generally goes to big city hospitals or teaching facilities. in all matters about jobs as well. this is a real sticking point. it could impair negotiations. trace: that is brand new information at the bottom of the hour. martha: right now in america, there are hundreds of catholic hospitals treating about 5 million patients a year as congress debates the future of health care, it raises questions about how this bi
they should of been briefed. they are accusing the cia of deliberately misleading congress. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. why did leon panetta decided to brief congress on this proposal if it was not operational? >> it is a good question. a u.s. intelligence official with knowledge of the program told me that it is because when he was briefed, there was an indication that the cia wanted to begin some training for it. it had not become operational. they asked permission to start training. that is when the director pulled the plug. here is what the official told me. "this was not a program that had taken shape and the focus was on those programs that are being implemented. when a cia unit brought the program to panetta's attention come it came with the recommendation to brief congress since there was thought being given to moving toward more operational status -- that is, some training." that is why the cia director decided to brief congress about it and that is when this brouhaha started. trace: just to be clear, this proposal was halted by more than one cia director. >> it was st
is being done to find this soldier. jennifer griffin has been on this since the beginning. bill: about 7000 people, everyone is talking about it. a group with ties to al qaeda, openly hosting a major conference in the u.s. chicago, illinois. this is a promotional video for the event. it was called the fall of capitalism and the rise of islam. it goes on for about another minute. the former deputy race -- former deputy secretary a system of defense, frank, is with us. what is the mission of this group? >> very simple. they wish to establish the caliphate, a theocratic form of government ruling the world, subject in all of us, muslim and non-moslem alike, to authoritative, repressive brutal programs. it is the justification for g jihad. you are supposed to engage in violent g. jihad to bring about the caliphate. bill: they started in 1950 through in jerusalem. what are they doing in chicago this weekend? >> 83 phase aspect to it. the first part is the covert training and recruitment phase, the second is more overt, seeking to establish themselves, getting into the violence and so on. phase tw
. that is in violation of the geneva conventions. jon: thank you, jennifer griffin. jane: now to the tw u.s.o journalists who are jailed in north korea. there were sentenced to 12 years and a labor camp after they were found guilty of crossing illegally into north korea. today, hillary clinton spoke about what she hopes north korea will do. >> i want to reiterate what i said about a week ago that the united states wants to have these young women released and we would hope that the north korean government would provide amnesty and would act to let them come home. i know how sorry they are for what they did. it is very regrettable it is really something that would be an important action for the north koreans if they would be willing to take it. jane: you can see more of the interview at 10:00 eastern time. jon: just west of baghdad, a car bomb exploded today, killing two police officers. eight civilians were also hurt in that explosion. this happened hours after another bomb exploded. at least nine people were wounded in that attack. jane: the only surviving suspect that we saw from the massacre in mumbai,
investigated by the justice department and the house ethics committee. bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon n news around the world, in spain, authorities have sealed off the resort island of my jor ka after a bomb killed two police officers. the bomb is blamed on a separatist group, and the it it is the second bombing in less than 36 hours n iran's capital city of tehran, police beat protestors with batons as thousands attended a graveside memorial for victims of post-election violence. among them, a 27-year-old woman whose dying moments were filmed and widely circulated on the internet. in china, u.s. consumer product safety regulators are planning to set up an office in beijing. the idea is to help ensure chinese products bound for america are safe, alf ter a slew of recalls from pet food to children's toys. the chinese must still give approval. and in north korea, that country's first fast-food restaurant appears to be a hit. some thai songs opened last month t offers waffles, draft beer, french fries an hamburgers. the burgers come under the name "minced beef and bread.
by detonating a nuclear bomb, we're told. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight and reporting from there. secretary clinton believes that north korea could return to these six-party talks? >> she says she thinks they could. they said flat out those talks with dead and are not returning. but what she said at the end of the conference, this was a conference to get them back into the six-party talks, she said there's essentially no place for north korea to go. they have no friends left. vults of that, burma, mir amar, said they'll support sanctions against north korea -- as a result, burma said they'll support sanctions against north korea, shep. shepard: they had some nasty stuff to say about her, it was offensive. >> at one point it was like sixth graders. she had compared them to an unruly child. the foreign ministry came back and called her unintelligent. and i'll read from their statement. "we cannot regard ms. clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community. sometimes she looks like a primary school girl a
one man his job and cost taxpayers more than $300,000. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. we knew about this in advance? >> this is all part of a repeated request by our organization, and what is striking is how many people actually knew. nothing i found so far flies in the face of the review that the white house eventually did, and as you mentioned, the director eventually did resign. what is striking is how many people are informed. you had an e-mail saying that mayor bloomberg's office had been informed. maybe not the mayor himself, but his office. and there were 911 responders with others and local authorities up in new york to talk about what to do if the public calls and is concerned. they had talking points and public affairs at reach planned, but somehow, something felt through the cracks and no one informed the public, and that is what it went terribly wrong. clearly, they did anticipate that people would be worried, even panicked. but were there plan somewhere along the way to warn people? >> there was a plan. there was wording from public affairs offi
of an obama issue. nearly $2 billion to fund the f- 22 fighter jet. let's get to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. explain this debate on the funding of the jet and why it is so controversial. >> you have carl levin teaming up with john mccain and the president, all of whom say that they want to strip the 1.7 $5 billion in funding to make seven more f-22 fighter jets. they want it stripped from the defense authorization bill, a $681 billion bill. they are debating the amendment to strip the funding from the bill as we speak and should vote on it sometime in the next few minutes. so we are listening to please by republican and democratic senators teaming up that we need to keep this line open, it would save those in favor of making more f-22 is 20,000 jobs. those opposed, including secretaries gates and john mccain and carl levin say this is a wasteful program,, and they want to start funneling that money into the next plane. so an impassioned debate on the hill. president is threatening to veto the bill, a surprising, because they need the money to carry out iraq and afghanistan.
contractors to help guard bases in afghanistan. as it sends thousands more troops into the country. jennifer griffin with the rest of the news. . >> julie, u.s. officials are reaching out to private security contractors looking for guards to handle security at dozens of bases in afghanistan. and to protect convoys moving throughout the country. many afghan contractors serve in this role now. private security firms grew in prominence after the cold war when the united states scaled back the military, a peace dividend, if you will, but grew in controversy with groups such as blackwater, the focus of democrats who termed them mercenaries. robert gates called the use of contractors vital to supporting u.s. bases. as recently as last week he said he want today cut back on the use of private guards. private security firms have drawn a lot of criticism. critics say they're expensive and many of the contracts are no bid and a guard from xe services once known as blackwater, owners six times as a similarly qualified u.s. soldier would make. on the other hand once the private contractor finishes the j
in the mediterranean. anti-missile test it was also designed to be a deterrent, shep? shepard: jennifer griffin live for us at the pentagon. thanks, jen. seven men including a father and his two sons have been arrested in north carolina. accused of stockpiling advanced weapons and plotting terror attacks abroad. we are told an eighth arrest could be on the way. one of the men accused of training at terror camps in afghanistan and pakistan. here is a look at the scene of at least one of those arrests. today, the fbi called the suspects true believers. the fbi's words, and the fbi reports they felt it was their obligation to raise money and provide training for terror attacks. the case is based in kazmierczakwell county, north carolina. that's north and we see of raleigh right along the virginia border. of the associated press reports wives of the suspect -- or the -- the wives of the suspects, i should say, say they are glad the truth has come out and that they believe the united states is a country of heathens. she resigned as alaska's governor. now sarah palin is ready for the next move. what's the
manpower and local support to do this? it sounds like some pretty interesting stuff. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. >> they are still speaking to the pentagon press corps from afghanistan. one of their main complaint -- he was asked whether or not he had enough afghan forces to do the job. remember, they are going in with a counterinsurgency mission. they also have a new directive that they have to show cultural sensitivity, and they need afghan forces. the brigadier-general says that he has only six afghan troops assigned to the mission and that is not enough. when he brought this up to the highest level, he was told there were just not enough afghan forces to go around. so that raises the question what they are doing some there if there is not enough support from afghans. jane: something else that you have interesting today is how these taliban fighters are getting away. >> there is a story that has been circulating about how the taliban are using the full body coverings that women in afghanistan where, in order to escape. there was a showdown between one marine unit and a fam
in the southern part of the country and he says 600 just isn't enough. jennifer griffin is covering this for us from the pentagon. what is he looking for here? we can't very well send him afghan fighters. >> general nichols spoke to us over this almost inaudible line here at the pentagon. clearly he was frustrated he didn't have more afghan troops. the troops are supposed to be trained up by u.s. forces and provided to them by the host country. he said, quote, i'm not going to sugar quote -- sugarcoat it. we don't have enough afghan forces and i would like more. his 345er7bs can clear an area, but if they can't hand it over to the afghans, there is no point in their operations. shepard: now we're getting these reports that they are running out of water on the front lines? >> well, general nichols said that that is not true. he hasn't heard of any water shortages, but there were some family members who were saying they were hearing from the front lines that they were short of water. nichols did say, however, that heat is the greatest enemy of these marines who are fighting. they are fighting in
by the above administration -- the obama administration. jennifer griffin is life for us. what did the admiral see in the photographs? >> what really appalled him was pictures taken of detainees on the battlefield shortly after they had been interrogated at the point of capture, and he saw a lot of examples of have the handling. a lot of abuse, not torture, but a lot of beat up people and even some cases where people were killed. that weighed on him, and that is where he decided -- so he took the unusual step to right on all of the service chiefs to say that more needs to be done to train soldiers and service members on how to handle detainees when they are captured and how to handle interrogations. bill: will these pictures go public, or not? >> absolutely not. in may, the president decided after a hearing reports that this could lead to enflaming a situation that is already very tense in the least, even leading to service members serving overseas to be retaliated against. he does not believe that these photographs should be put out there. at the same time, she called a meeting of commanders
never told and some are calling for a full-blown investigation. jennifer griffin working this for the pentagon tonight. before leon panetta, the proposal was kept secret by what? three different c.i.a. directors, and under the law, they were supposed to tell congress. >> that's right. the law you are referring to is the 1947 national security act. that's the act under which the c.i.a. was formed. under it, it was supposed to inform congress, quote, keep congress fully and currently informed about the intelligence activities of the united states including any significant anticipated intelligence activity. that's crucial, shep. one former intelligence official said there was no significant intelligence activity, and they didn't anticipate any significant intelligence activity, and that's why they didn't inform congress. shepard: all right. still nothing from the former vice president cheney on this, right? >> that's right. he has not spoken about this. remember, these are classified briefings. it was a classified program. his daughter, however, liz, has been making the roun
on in their communities. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >>> how about some good news from the fox 5 weather center for a minute here. the tornado warnings that we've been telling you about. that's why you've seen the crawl disappear, they've just been canceled. that's not to say that the weather is gone but the rotation is gone with these storms. takelook at live rad at live ra the red s in lgobut there's still an awful lot of activity to the south. a severe thunderstorm watch is in tog goec einffon the eastern shore. you can s wwehy as look at a wider picture here. still plenty of dovir all the w down hewa tchrdalea besiteah a lot of lightning. tornado wainle canceled for now. we still think it's going to be pretty active tonight. we'll keep a close eye on t. i'll let you know if anything else pops up. >> see you then. >>> coming up next, training camp kicks off tomorrow. coach zorn gives us the state of the skins coming up next. >>> this rockville neighborhood will never be the same again. get ready for the paparazzi. we're going to tell you who just bought a condo here. we'll be right b
of the plan from the congress. jennifer griffin, live for us from the pentagon. will this be an oversight hearing similar to the 1970's hearings against the cia? >> that is the question right now, is it not, traced out we spoke to the democratic head of the intelligence committee seeing if any money had been spent on the proposal, listen to what sylvester told fox yesterday. we have not always got the information, it has not always been timing. >> again, that sounds like what nancy pelosi has said in the past. and it looks like many democrats on the committee are pushing for a more full investigation. trace: how much of this is actually political? >> a good question. this all came out when leon panetta, former democratic congressman, went to the hill in classified briefings and mentioned that he had found handwriting, reportedly, from dick cheney, the former vice president, saying that this program or proposal should not be briefed the congress. that is when it started. a letter was signed by democrats. listen to the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee. >> we did not ge
of a tear ring in north carolina. a veteran terrorist who had training camps in pakistan. jennifer griffin joins us live on the phone. >> what struck me is that he went to the local high school with me in alexandria, one year behind me. i did not know him at the time, but he ends up in raleigh, n.c., the third american indicted for wanting to carry out radical jihad on overseas targets. we know that they are looking for suspects in pakistan. authorities think that they may know who this person is and that there is no reason to be concerned. there is an eighth person on the loose at this time. megyn: it is hard to understand, you go to the same high school as this guy and you become reporter and a journalist. this guy winds up planning g hyde on the united states. -- planning jihad and the united states. what happened? >> we actually took a similar route. we lived in pakistan in the early '90s. he was arrested in 1991 for carrying out a bank robbery. he was actually going to be sentenced to islamic justice. his right hand and left foot were going to be cut off. they were then given some sor
, and jennifer griffin is in the pentagon for us. what did the admiral say that we know at this point? >> admiral keating is leaving his command post in 90 days, he talked about the health of keene -- kim jong-il. >> he has clearly suffered some change of health. is it the result of a stroke? is it some larger issue at stake? i do not know. he is a different man today? he was one year ago. what would happen if and when he cedes control or is no longer capable of exercising control? we do not know. we have plans in place if the president tells us to execute them. >> a foreshadowing of things to come, i think. jane: we have side-by-side pictures of the difference in his health. pretty dramatic. did he have anything on the concerns that north korea might actually be sharing technology to get a nuclear bomb? >> perhaps you are referring to statements by one of the state department's officials traveling with hillary clinton. that official suggested that there are concerns that north korea is sharing nuclear technology with myanmar. admiral keating did not say that. remember, the military was closely m
say that today is the day to move forward. harris: now let us go to jennifer griffin who is falling secretary gates' trip in the middle east -- following secretary gates'trip in the middle east. >> israel's defense minister after meeting with gates in israel said that all options are on the table for israel to deal with the iranian nuclear program. harris, thank you. martha: sarah palin goes out swinging. the former governor left office yesterday, taking some parting shots at some critics in the media -- at some of her critics in the media. we have a report from alaska. >> sarah palin was again quiet about her future. she did say, however, that it çappears she wants to remain in the public eye. she wants to exercise her free- speech rights, and then she'd ripped and those in the news media, saying that they lied about her and her family. she said the pressing issue of the day is energy independence, and it can be accomplished without destroying the environment. >> we can't resist enslavement to federal government's. be wary of accepting government largess. it does not come free, a
out the details on what are u.s. troops are doing to recover him. jennifer griffin, what have we learned? >> i talked to one u.s. defense official over the weekend who said this private had mental problems. he left behind his body armor and his weapon. there is some confusion as to whether he was with the three afghans. there is a posting on a web site sydney that the taliban is holding him. u.s. defense officials are not sure which faction of the taliban and whether this private has been traded to another group. the air yet that he was kidnapped in on the border of pakistan, there is a known network of kidnappers. u.s. defense officials are not saying which group they think are holding the soldier. he had some mental problems when he left that place. he disappeared from the tiny outpost last week. megyn: have we had any word of any demands from taliban or others? >> we understood that a well- known stringer had received a phone call from a taliban spokesman in which he had suggested that they would trade taliban prisoners for this american soldier. i spoke to defense officials s
on the dotted line? we shall see. úb trace: we have brand new information on three stories. jennifer griffin at the pentagon following the future of the f-22 fighter jet. >> it lives to fight another day, in spite of a vote from the sun at stripping nearly $2 billion in funding from a defense spending bill for seven more jets. the obama administration supported the amendment, but those who support keeping the fighter jets open will have another chance tomorrow when the house debates. trace: now to catherine herridge, six months after the president vowed to shut down gitmo, still nowhere to put those terror suspects. >> the administration says it will need another six months to work on to the detention policy, and another two more for detention. one source pointed out to me that the zero ultimately depend on what your definition of closed is. trace: now to mike emanuel at the white house. the president meeting with blue dog democrats. >> the president predicting that lawmakers will get the job done, then meeting with conservative blue dog democrats. their concerns are spiraling costs and prov
selected to each receive a pair of tickets. also, cnn's confirmed that singer jennifer hudson will be among the performers at tuesday's service. our drew griffin is tracking the investigation into what killed michael jackson, including the report that a powerful drug has been found inside his home. drew joins us from los angeles tonight. what do you know about that, drew? >> latest sources say diprivan was found in jackson's home. this is that powerful medication used in surgeries basically to put people under, the "l.a. times" saying bottles of it were found in jackson's home leading to even more speculation this drug could be involved. michael jackson asked for diprivan by name months a, go telling this nurse in april diprivan was the only drug that could help him sleep. >> that was odd. >> without asking for a regular sleeping pill? >> and i said, have you taken sleeping pills? he said, they don't work. he said, i don't want those things, they don't work. i want it in the iv. i don't want pills. i don't want any pills. >> nurse practitioner cheryllynn lee described how it was administere
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